Pennsylvania farm seeks Christmas tree donations to feed goats

A Pennsylvania farm is asking revelers cleaning up from the holidays to donate their used Christmas trees to feed a herd of goats.

Mike and Kim Batz, owners of Batz Farm in Grantville, Pa., said Christmas trees are nutritious and delicious to goats, as the needles provide valuable antioxidants and nutrients, as well as acting as a natural dewormer.

The farm is asking nearby residents to bring in their Christmas trees to feed their herd of 60 goats.

“It’s better than sending them to a landfill,” Kim Batz told WHP-TV. “They can get recycled, and we put them to good use.”

Batz asked anyone willing to donate their trees to ensure they have been cleared of decorations and tinsel before leaving them in a wagon placed at the bottom of the farm’s driveway.